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Fernanda Luengo

I started my swimwear brand where my life journey began, in Mexico, a country full of colors, traditions, ethnicity and cultural contrasts. All this has played an important roll of who I am and what I represent.

Considering myself since little a globetrotter by heart. Being able to discover new experiences, ideas and wonders of different cultures and lifestyles has given me the opportunity to find so many things about myself that I really love reflecting in every collection I create without using words.

Designing for real women, who likes to take care of themselves and feel good about it, for me is important to make them feel sexy, comfortable and unique all the time, as a woman and designer I feel it´s important to respect real bodies and give them their best shapes.

As I always say creating and evolving are integral parts of who I am and the love I have for life and good experiences. Living abroad for many years gave me the skills to observed my surroundings while drinking a good cup of coffee under the sun at the beach.


 It´s a mexican ethnic brand that offers high quality garments. Each piece declares the immense love I have for summer all year round. mixing colors and details that represents the experiences I had living and traveling to other countries with my latin roots.

A sophisticated, fun and ageless brand, always inspire by A TROPICAL STATE OF MIND, SANTAMAREA creates, evolves and sets trends, thinking of the necessity of real women needs,it´s a privilege seeing them look amazing while having fun at the beach, or just feeling alive. Every piece we create is done by the best quality of fabrics and love for our customers.

So as we always say never stop
having fun and it's always,

~ Nice To Sea You! ~